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If you are looking for someone to provide for you the highest level of service, someone who will listen to your needs and someone who values and works hard for you every step of the way; I'm your REALTOR®. As my client, your needs – in how I communicate, understand, support, educate and negotiate - will be my top priority. I have a genuine love for people and cherish walking alongside buyers, sellers & investors as they navigate the real estate market. Most likely your biggest financial decision, I do not take lightly the opportunity to serve you. Your trust in me is treasured and I am honored.

About me – I have a BS in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. After working in the corporate world for several years post college I began my career in real estate in the 1990’s when I joined a nationally known firm in Dunwoody, Georgia. After a number of successful years selling real estate in the Atlanta market, I put that career on hold to raise my children. Stepping back into the career or real estate almost a decade ago has been my best move; I am truly blessed to love what I do! In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my pets. I relish traveling and making every day count!


Right around this time Amazon, Netflix, and other huge companies were acting as a hugely disruptive force in the areas of retail and entertainment. Their business models are extremely similar despite filling different needs. They seek to be very low cost, very low operative expenses, and high customer satisfaction.

Other companies followed suit throughout all forms of commerce and entertainment. It didn’t matter what service you needed or what product you wanted to purchase people were fighting to sell it to you faster, cheaper, and with a higher level of customer satisfaction. That is unless you needed real estate services.

Realizing this the decision was made in late 2015 to offer a low-cost solution to the general public and not make commission savings exclusive to only local builders. After countless hours spent examining real estate brokerage models, marketing and other costs, the idea was formed to list homes for only 1%.

Although there is no "set percentage", 1%  is about 1/3rd of the traditional listing fee. We knew we could offer a high level of customer service and marketing for about 1/3rd of the typical Realtor listing fees as long as we focused on those same principles as the other successful companies mentioned earlier, but this time a disruptive change in real estate. We had to increase our sales volume, but more importantly, we had to retain a high level of customer satisfaction.

With those goals in mind, 1 Percent Lists was formed.

Quickly growing, 1 Percent Lists not only is now supporting home buyers and saving sellers thousands of dollars across the country.  Follow the below links to see all of the homes for sale in each respective community.


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