Client Closing Day – New Construction & You!

But It’s New Construction

Did you know that when you purchase in a new home community the onsite agent represents the builder?!  Eek!  You may be asking, “who represents me”? If you have not hired a Realtor®, then you have no representation. None. Nada. Zilch. In this case, no one would be looking out for your best interests. While many buyers feel that they can “work a better deal” on a new construction home without a Realtor®, this is simply not true. Prices within a new home community are pretty solid. Many, if not all builders, pay Realtor® commissions out of a marketing budget and are mostly unwilling to budge on the price of the home! In a good way, this does better protect your investment!

    Selecting New Home Options   Under Contract with Lennar

Wait, What? Who’s Looking Out For You?

It is imperative that you NEVER go into any real estate transaction unrepresented – even when – maybe equally so – maybe more so – when buying new construction. Simply put, never enter a real estate transaction without representation. When you hire a Realtor® to represent you, you’ve hired an individual who, upon establishing your written agency agreement, has a fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interests. As a Realtor®, I take my responsibilities seriously. I value my clients and their needs.

Having just closed on a newly constructed home in Waxhaw, NC, I step out of a agent/client relationship that has lasted over a year. Yes, a year! Relocating from Florida, these kind and intelligent first time home buyers hired me to represent them in the home purchase. This amazing couple settled on Millbridge. Selection day began with a meeting at the new home community. It is vital that I accompanied my clients to the appointment. The builder would most likely not have honored my agency relationship with my buyers if they had shown up without me. Scary but true. We discussed inventory and options, walked the lots and considered the timeline.

“The best investment on Earth is earth.”
Louis Glickman, American Business Executive

Selecting the Land On Which Memories Will be Made!

Imagine standing on a wide open street and being able to select a lot. Your lot. Trust me, it was fun! It was exciting seeing them walk the land. Wait, let’s get the compass and see which way we’re facing! This is where the garage would be. You know, stuff like that! Once my clients chose their lot, we headed back to the model home to discuss home elevation and options. It was exciting looking over all the fabulous selections, finishes and options. While time consuming, it was a wonderfully fun process. The joy in watching my clients thoughtfully crafting their masterpiece was priceless! I observed, ran for samples, gave my opinion when asked. As I walked alongside them, I was able to share my experiences and address their thoughtful questions. They had amazing questions!

Foundation Poured New Construction     Driveway Poured New Construction

The Journey Was Real(estate)!

Once construction began, at my suggestion, the buyers hired a home inspector to come in and inspect the home pre-drywall. Yes, pre-drywall. This is absolutely money well spent! Would you be ok covering over unaddressed problems? The home inspector also inspected for termites and radon. This is another important aspect of buying new construction. Repairs were made and approved and the construction process continued. Once the home was nearing completion, the buyers brought the home inspector back out to inspect. Additional repairs were made and approved. Along the entire process, I enjoyed heading over to the home to FaceTime or simply create videos for them to enjoy. It was so important for all of us that they were connected in the home building process. I will never forget the first time they saw that their home had walls!

New Construction Progress Lennar MillBridge Waxhaw North Carolina New Construction Progress

Closing Day – September 28th, 2021

Today was their day. Closing day. We met at the home at 9:00 a.m. to do a final walk-thru. We won’t mention who was running about 15 minutes behind….. After the walk-thru, we headed over to the attorney’s office so these buyers could finalize the purchase of their brand new home. Sitting beside them at closing was bitter sweet. Actually much more sweet than bitter. Having worked with them in this capacity, I will miss seeing and speaking to them on a regular basis. However, I am absolutely thrilled for them. They are smart people and asked a lot of great questions not only to me but to the builder, inspector, lender and attorney. I am so thankful that they allowed me to join them on this journey. Welcome to North Carolina! What a day. What a great day.

Closing Day Lennar MillBridge Waxhaw NC Closing Day

Congratulations to you! Thank you for entrusting me in the process. It was my honor and privilege. Past clients. Future Clients. Forever friends!

Lisa Edwards, Owner/Broker/NC & SC Realtor®

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